Ultimate -> Kongo

25.00 USD


PARA Nametag


/kit Para (Recieve an exclusive kit for this rank!)

/kit gpara (Recieve a Gun Kit exclusive for this rank!)

/back (Go back to your previous location)

/heal (Heal yourself)

/tpahere (Request a Teleport invitation to a player)

/tp (Request to teleport to a player)

/fly (Enable fly to your self)

/invsee (See other players inventory)

/tptoggle (Disable your Tp so players can't tp to you)

/pv (Access your own personal Vault) [6]

/tpo (TP to a player even if they have TP disabled)

/broadcast (Broadcast a message to the whole server [Colour Codes included!] )

/nick (Make a new nickname on the server)


Instantly recieve 2 para keys!